Call for Chapters: Invisible Girl


Proposal Submission Deadline: May 1, 2011

Full Chapter Submission Deadline: October 1, 2011

Invisible Girl

Being inspired by Ralph Ellison’s novel from 1952 Invisible Man, we suspect that there is an invisible girl who, like Ellison’s black American, is invisible because of stereotyping and discriminating social structures. We now launch the research project Invisible Girl, aiming at making the girl reappear. Our ambition is to paint a picture of the contemporary girl and her situation. We invite researchers and artists to take part in this process and contribute to this picture. The main outcome will be a book but because books are only capable of containing text and image, we will supplement the book with other suitable media as well.

We want to illustrate, describe and explore any practices that are instrumental when girls become girls. What does it mean to become and to be a girl today? How can we describe and analyse the contemporary girl? Can we make the invisible girl visible in ways alternative to those of media?

We invite researchers and artists to contribute with research papers, works of art or anything else providing critical perspectives to studies of girls and girlhood. Please send us your proposal of no more than the equivalent of one page of text before May 1st 2011. The selection process will take place in May and all contributors will be notified before June 15th. The authors selected for the book/project Invisible Girl will be asked to send in their final contributions by October 1st 2011. Publication is estimated to take place in Spring 2012.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions. We hope that you are interested in contributing to the Invisible Girl or that you know someone who might be. Please feel free to distribute this call widely. If you want to follow the project there will be updates on the website, see below.

Umeå in October 2010

Professor Gun-Marie Frånberg, gun-marie.franberg

PhD Camilla Hällgren, camilla.hallgren

PhD Elza Dunkels, elza.dunkels

Department of Applied Educational Studies

Umeå University


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