Nytt nummer av Education Inquiry

Nytt nummer av Education Inquiry, tidskriften från Umeå School of Education, finns ute nu. Ur innehållet:

Editorial: Educational sciences and a media ecology perspective
Antti Räsänen: Teenage religion – religiousness among Finnish 8th and 9th graders
Harri Pitkäniemi: How the Teacher’s Practical Theory Moves to Teaching Practice
Joakim Larsson, Annica Löfdahl, Hector Pérez Prieto: Rerouting: Discipline, Assessment and Performativity in Contemporary Swedish Educational Discourse
Birgit Andersson: Introducing assessment into Swedish leisure-time centres – pedagogues’ attitudes and practices
Damaris Ngorosho and Ulla Lahtinen: The role of the home environment in phonological awareness and reading and writing ability in Tanzanian primary schoolchildren
Tomas Englund: Questioning the parental right to educational authority – arguments for a pluralist public education


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