Cybernormer pratar i Umeå

Den 18 april kommer en av Cybernormers forskare hit till Umeå för att prata under rubriken Analyzing Cyber Norms. Det är en öppen föreläsning men för att få free fika måste man anmäla sig, se nedan.

QUMU seminar on 18 April 10.15 – 12.00 in HUMlab (H2). Stefan Larsson, postdoc in Sociology of Law, head of Lund University Internet Institute, and member of the Cybernorms research group. Cybernorms was started in 2009 and has done a number of studies on Internet related issues, particularly regarding file-sharing in relation to copyright law. This has regarded demographic aspects captured in online surveys, file-sharing frequencies and opinions and practices of online anonymity, but also legal method, theoretically bound measurement of social norm’s strength as well as more qualitative (and quantitative) attempts on understanding conceptual metaphors. The surveys have ranged from a number of approx. 1000 Swedes between 15-25 to a near global, via a collaboration with The Pirate Bay, reaching over 96,000 respondents. Stefan’s talk will discuss the different methods used, what they might say and not say, and attempts to capture where the methodology could or should be improved.

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